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Posted By: Gibb Sahib
02-Mar-12 - 04:09 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Roll, Alabama Roll
Subject: RE: Origins: Roll, Alabama Roll
Thanks, Charley, that's very interesting. Warner's lyrics you posted are an exact match to Nye's from the 1954 album. Perhaps Nye learned it from Warner? Incidentally, what exactly is in the Harris Collection (he wonders aloud...)? Some chanteys?

On the other hand -- any takers on my idea that Nye (or another) spruced up Maitland's verses? Sure, the story would be fairly consistent, but also there seems IMO a good correlation between the verses in the Maitland and Nye/Warner versions, whereas the latter takes the form of what would be ideally intended (!) by the former if it were thought out.


On another note, I was kindly directed to a way to hear Bellamy/Killen's recording of 1971. It has the odd (from a working chanty perspective) patter and s l o w down style. That style was not present on the Critic's Group recording from just a year earlier. Swan Arcade's recording from 1972 has a slight bit of this feature, but not really -- it is in a chanty style. This does not prove that Bellamy/Killen started it, but I'd think their version was influential.