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Posted By: Richie
06-Mar-12 - 08:50 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2
TY Mick,

I have put the entire Brown collection on my web-site. (I'm not finished proofing - haha) Here's part of Lazarus 1.

'The Rich Man and Lazarus.' Reported by L G. Greer of Boone, Watauga county; not dated, but about 1915- 16.

I There was a man in ancient times,
The scripture doth inform us,
Whose pomp and grandeur and whose crimes
Were great and very numerous.
This rich man fared sumptuously each day
And was dressed in purple fme linen;
He ate and drank, hut scorned to pray,
And spent his day in singing.

In the original document it has singing (see last word in first verse) crossed out then "sinning" handwritten above it. So it should be:

And spent his day in sinning

Greer was well documented and he and his wife recorded teh first version of Earl Brand in NYC 1929.

My hope is to show that this and the nearly identical version from Sharp that you posted were sung and probably printed at least as as shape-note hymns broadsides. Jackson, I believe points this out but I don't have his book.