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07-Mar-12 - 01:14 PM
Thread Name: Jackson C. Frank Royal Festival Hall
Subject: RE: Jackson C. Frank Royal Festival Hall
Please at least have the good grace to read through the complete thread on Naturalismo linked above and check the evidence from numerous people (not just myself) including traceable links to the email address which Jim Abbott uses to this day. Jim Abbott advertised the book as available, solicited money from people, kept the money, sent no books, then refused to reply to emails. He admitted to me that Helter Skelter bookshop were going to publish it but the owner had died leaving him without funding or a publisher and that he would have to pay for it himself. Shortly after that coincidentally any response to enquiries about when I was going to get my book and CD miraculously stopped as it did for everyone else who had paid him.

He then later invented the story that someone had used his name and credentials (after being on the receiving end of numerous complaints) to cover his tracks despite several people including myself having correspondence directly from him at his verifiable email address saying the book was ready and would be sent. The man is a thief I'm afraid and when you have read through the comments on the Naturalismo site linked above you will see beyond any possible doubt that this is the case. I'm not saying that he didn't start out with good intentions but when it went pear shaped he kept the money and made up a pack of lies. Please at least read through the various comments before deciding whether to believe anything that Jim Abbott says to you about Jackson C. Frank and his fictitious book and CD.