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Posted By: GUEST,Joe Moran
07-Mar-12 - 04:26 PM
Thread Name: Scottish Emigrant Songs
I notice that there are some recurring images in these various songs ... but that's only to be expected.

I rather like this one.


1. When the ship sailed from the harbour we were in the cargo hold,
and we could not see the mountains and the sky,
And I envied those who stood and watched the coastline fade from view,
and got a chance to say one last goodbye

2. Oh, they say that we are steerage class but that's no class at all,
but beggars can't be choosers this I know,
And the choice we faced was simple or so it seemed to me,
We could stay and starve or pack our things and go

Chorus: And I'll take out my fiddle, and I will draw my bow,
and I will play the old tunes, and they will warm my soul
And they shall be my refuge, my shelter from life's storms,
and anywhere I play these tunes, that place shall be my home

3. Nova Scotia, that's new Scotland, and there's comfort in that name,
but I wonder what awaits us in that place
A land where we can prosper, or a struggle to survive,
but I keep my spirits high for Mary's sake

4. And I think about the good times, the gatherings and fairs,
the nights filled with laughter and with song
The dance where I met Mary, and the friends we left behind,
who stood by us when hard times came along. CHORUS

5. And I think of new beginnings, and all the days to come,
and the baby fast asleep in Mary's arms
And I hope he has a good life, and I hope his days are long,
and I hope the Lord will keep him safe from harm

6. And my thoughts turn to Mary and I thank the one above
for placing that woman at my side
And I feel a weight lift from me and I know deep down inside,
there will be other mountains, other skies. CHORUS