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Posted By: Don Firth
13-Mar-12 - 10:05 PM
Thread Name: BS: poached eggs - the nitty gritty
Subject: RE: BS: poached eggs - the nitty gritty
You can find English muffins in any well-appointed supermarket in the U. S. and/or A. In the bread section, labeled (strangely enough) "English muffins."

Some years ago (early Seventies), I'm in my apartment in Seattle's University District and it's evening. I'm hungry, don't have much in the fridge, and although there is a halfway decent restaurant cater-corner from my apartment building, it's raining buckets, snowing heavily, or there is a meteor shower or something, and I'd really rather not go out.

Time for a bit of inventiveness.

I really feel like pizza, or something in that neighborhood. So I pull out a bag of English muffins (pre-split). I line up two of them, so I have four halves, two tops, two bottoms, sitting there on the plate. I have no tomato sauce, but I do have ketchup. So I pour a dollop of ketchup on each half, cover it with a slice of cheese, chop up some lunch meat I have and sprinkle it on top of the cheese, and slice up a few black olives and put them on top. I added a sprinkle of oregano from a small supply of spices that the wife of a friend insisted I might need when I first moved into the apartment. Admiring my handiwork, I put them on a cookie sheet and slide it in the oven that I had been pre-heating as I did all this.

A few minutes later, I had four mini-pizzas. Tasty! Washed down with a bottle of beer and followed with a bit of fruit I had on hand. Not a big meal, but adequate for the occasion. In fact, I repeated it on a few other occasions.

Then, one evening, while watching television, a commercial came on that informed me that I had missed a possible opportunity to make a fortune. The commercial was for a new fast food thingy that had just come on the market. All packaged up, they were English muffin halves with a slice of cheese on top along with bits of meat and other odds and ends. You just popped them in the oven for a few minutes and chow down.

They called them "Piccadilly Circles."


Don Firth