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Posted By: catspaw49
14-Mar-12 - 10:47 PM
Thread Name: BS: poached eggs - the nitty gritty
Subject: RE: BS: poached eggs - the nitty gritty
Hi leeneia!

Karen and I both love breakfast and it is often a very wonderful time of day for us. Karen comes home from work and we eat and talk before she heads of for a day's sleep. We have very catholic tastes from Krepples to basted eggs and hash to poached over toast to...........

One of our favorites is a variant on shirred which we really love. First, learn how to do shirred......Here is a Basic Shirred Egg Recipe. You can use any cheese you like and even add a little more to taste. I like more chives and parsley works well too.

Now a variant! Separate the yolks and whites. You'll need your baking dishes but also cups for two yolks each. Put all the whites in a small mixing bowl. Add the cream for the number of servings to the whites and then whisk briskly or break out a hand mixer. Add a Tablespoon of wine for each serving into this and beat this mixture to a froth. Pour a rationed amount into each baking cup and then carefully add the yolks to the middle. Bake and eat.

Use whatever wine you like for your taste. We like Riesling but we have used Merlot as well...they look a bit odd with the reds but unlike the Japanese, I don't care what they look like!