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Posted By: gnu
15-Mar-12 - 02:07 PM
Thread Name: BS: poached eggs - the nitty gritty
Subject: RE: BS: poached eggs - the nitty gritty
Penny... I just assumed everyone did that. Also, forgot who mentioned it above, the more water in the pan, the better.

As for salmonella, I have only eaten hardboiled eggs for a number of years. There were some cases of salmonella and I just decided, even tho over easy or or poached lightly (lightly?) are my favourites, never to chance it again.

I make my egg sandwiches with Miracle Whip (yeah, I know real mayo is better but I live alone and the shelf life doesn't suit my rate of use). Here's a twist. Mum uses the same... or various salad dressings. One is Kraft Coleslaw dressing that is a bit sweet. Try it... seriously, it's good. She sometimes uses M. Whip and adds a bit of sweet pickle juice and that's tastey too. Chopped up Gherkins and spanish onion is common, I expect. Anyone do anything exotic or uncommon when making egg sandwiches? Careful, Spaw.