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Posted By: katlaughing
02-Nov-00 - 12:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: I need a hug too....
Subject: RE: BS: I need a hug too....
Well, here is a big ole' Why-Oh-Myn ((((HUG)))) from way out west, darlin'. It is tough when such loved ones love away. I hope it isn't so far that you can't get a visit in once in awhile.

I've got a question, please, I am a little confused. In your first post you say that your preist, best friend and mother of your daughter's best friend were all the same person, then you say he when answering Mortee about the vicar. Aren't a vicar and priest the same thing? So is there another who is the vicar, who is male, and the priest is the mother, etc., female? Sorry, just want to get it right in my pea-brain:-)

luvyaKat (and been wondering how you did with all of the storms, didn't see you on the thread about it)