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Posted By: Jon Corelis
19-Mar-12 - 01:12 PM
Thread Name: You've heard of a place called Benghazi
Subject: RE: You've heard of a place called Benghazi
Interesting about the women coming out to cut up the enemy wounded. The same phenomenon is reported after Custer's Last Stand. I can't site a source for it happening in 19th century Afghanistan, but it seems plausible.

The "dying man's request" topos, also found famously in St. James's Infirmary and The Streets of Laredo, is indeed common enough to have attracted parodies. Two well known ones, which I'll yield to the temptation to quote even though they are well known, are by Rolf Harris:

Tan me hide when I'm dead, Fred,
tan me hide when I'm dead.
So we tanned his hide when he died Clyde,
And that's it hanging on the shed.

and John Prine:

Please don't bury me
Down in that cold cold ground
No, I'd druther have 'em cut me up
And pass me all around ..
Give my feet to the footloose
Careless, fancy free
Give my knees to the needy
Don't pull that stuff on me
Hand me down my walking cane
It's a sin to tell a lie
Send my mouth way down south
And kiss my ...

Can't quite remember that last part.

Jon Corelis
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