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Posted By: Bat Goddess
22-Mar-12 - 05:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
Had a nice nap and, just before my alarm went off (I had a 4:30 appointment to get my hair cut), I was awakened by a call from a woman at Clipper Harbor of Portsmouth, saying Tom will probably be move there tomorrow maybe late afternoon.

It's a little further away than St. Ann's, but definitely a nice location and they're a good outfit from everything I've heard.

BTW, the new alarm clock not only works fine, but has a pleasant alarm. I mention this because some of you know about my "Alarm Clock Chronicles" of January/February when I purchased a Westclox battery-operated repro of a 1949 model that initially woke me at 3:30 when the alarm was set for 6:00 and the next morning the stem to move the hands broke off. Later I found that it was impossible to remove (or, ultimately, change) the battery. Later I found that Westclox has been owned recently by several different companies and all of their products are made in China with less than optimal quality control. The customer service for is FANTASTIC. There was no argument, I didn't need to send the clock back, and my purchase price plus shipping and handling was immediately restored to my credit card account. And, in the course of a lovely conversation (I discovered there are only two people running the business, she recommended I would find a better product with a Seiko. So, I immediately turned around and ordered one from them.

Going to call Tom now.