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Posted By: GUEST,leeneia
23-Mar-12 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: Thyroid and allergy affecting voice
Subject: RE: Thyroid and allergy affecting voice
The problems such as breaking down or squeaks might be caused by acid reflux from the stomach. (Acid reflux gets so common as we get older.) Sometimes when I was singing, by vocal folds would suddenly 'slam shut,' and I was unable to make a sound.

Something said on the Mudcat led me to suspect acid reflux. I started putting dry milk powder in my coffee (neutralizes the acid) and my voice hasn't slammed shut while singing since.

I do notice acid reflux at other times, and I drink a glass of lukewarm water. Again, this is a helpful suggestion that I learned on a thread right here.

I have a friend who had a thyroid problem. She mentioned to the doctor that she was cutting back on talking, and his response was "Whatever for?" As a result, I suspect that unless your thyroid has been allowed to get in awful shape, that there is no connection between the thyroid and the voice.

Fits of coughing - alas, I find that post-nosal drip can start me coughing in the midst of a song. Maybe see an allergist or eye-nose-throat doctor. Don't give up singing without a fight!