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Posted By: John Minear
23-Mar-12 - 12:19 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Child Ballads in 18th c. America?
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads in 18th c. America?
Mick, thanks for the Jefferson materials.

Here is my rendition of "Coffin's List", or the Child ballads found in America according to Tristram Potter Coffin/Roger deV. Renwick in THE BRITISH TRADITIONAL BALLAD [as of 1963] (1977 University of Texas Press). I have deleted those ballads which Coffin said were not to be found in the "oral tradition" in America, and I have placed a "?" before those that seem especially questionable according to Coffin. I have also added a few quotes from him here and there.

I have placed brackets [] around those which did not show up on my survey of Child's material documented for the 1700s. The comparison of the "Coffin List" with the 1700s survey list may suggest that some of these citations need to be revisited. Please feel free to offer corrections. I have not tried to update the Coffin/deV. Renwick listing since 1963 yet. There may well be additions. I have not had time yet to consult either Richie's work or the materials sent to me pm by Mick Pearce. These may provide some additions to the "Coffin List".

Coffin's List

Riddles Wisely Expounded
The Elfin Knight
The False Knight on the Road
Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight
[Earl Brand]
The Twa Sisters
The Cruel Brother
Lord Randal
Babylon or The Bonnie Banks o Fordie
[Hind Horn]
Sir Lionel
The Cruel Mother
St. Stephen and Herod ["There is little doubt that it (the Vermont text in Flanders) was learned from print." p. 46]
[Bonnie Annie] ["...such fragments are too brief to prove much." p.46]
The Three Ravens
[The Whummil Bore]
Thomas Rymer
The Wee Wee Man
[The Queen of Elfan's Nourice]
Clerk Colvill [See discussion of "Lady Alice #85.]
[The Broomfield Hill]
[?]The Two Magicians]
King John and the Bishop
Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
[The Twa Brothers]
[Lizie Wan]
[The King's Dochter Lady Jean]
Young Beichan
The Cherry-Tree Carol
Dives and Lazarus
Sir Patrick Spens
Fair Annie
Child Waters
Lady Maisry
Young Hunting
Lord Thomas and Annet
Fair Margaret and Sweet William
Lord Lovel
The Lass of Roch Royal
Sweet William's Ghost
The Unquiet Grave
[The Wife of Usher's Well]
Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard
Child Maurice
Bonny Barbara Allen
[Lady Alice]
[?]Young Benjie]
[Prince Robert]
Young Johnstone
Jellon Grame
[?]Bonny Bee Hom
The Maid Freed From the Gallows
The Gay Goshawk
Johnie Scott
Willie o Winsberry
Willie and Earl Richard's Daughter ["This text...was probably learned from Kittredge's edition of the Child ballads."]
The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington
The Famous Flower of Serving Men [from the BLACKBIRD SONGSTER?]
The Knight and the Shepherd's Daughter
The Baffled Knight/Blow Away the Morning Dew
Johnie Cock
Robin Hood and Guy of Gisborne
Robin Hood's Death
Robin Hood and Little John
Robin Hood and the Tanner
Robin Hood and the Prince of Aragon ["The Maine version is obviously from print...."]
The Bold Pedlar and Robin Hood ["printed in the American Songster in New York before 1850...."]
Robin Hood and Allen a Dale ["Greenway believes she (Aunt Molly Jackson) learned it fromthe Kittredge on-volume edition of Child and then changed the text."]
Robin Hood's Progress to Nottingham
Robin Hood Rescuing Three Squires [American Songster]
Robin Hood Rescuing Will Stutly
[?]Robin Hood and the Bishop
Sir Hugh, or the Jew's Daughter
Queen Eleanor's Confession
Gude Wallace
The Hunting of the Cheviot
King Henry Fifth's Conquest of France
The Rose of England ["This is the only report of the song from modern oral tradition, and the chances are good the stanzas were learned from print."]
Sir Andrew Bartin/Henry Martyn
The Death of Queen Jane
Mary Hamilton
Northumberland Betrayed by Douglas
Captain Car, or, Edom o Gordon
The Bonnie Earl of Murray
[Willie Macintosh ["...taken down from recitation and appears to be no longer sung in Maine."]
Dick o the Cow
Jock o the Side
Archie o Cawfield
Bonnie House o' Airlie
The Gypsy Laddie
Bessy Bell and Mary Gray
Jamie Douglas
[Lord Dernwentwater]
Bonnie James Campbell
The Braes o Yarrow
Rare Willie Drowned in Yarrow, or, The Water o Gamrie
The Broom of Cowdenknows
[The False Lover Won Back]
[Katherine Jafray]
[Rob Roy]
[Lizie Lindsay]
[Glasgow Peggie]
[Andrew Lammie]
The Laird o Drum
The Rantin Laddie
James Harris, (The Daemon Lover)
The Grey Cock, or, Saw You My Father
John Thomson and the Turk
The Heir of Linne
The Suffolk Miracle
Our Goodman
Get Up and Bar the Door
The Wife Wrapt in Wether's Skin
[The Farmer's Curst Wife]
The Jolly Beggar
[The Keach I the Creel]
The Crafty Farmer
The George Aloe and the Sweepstake
The Sweet Trinity (The Golden Vanity)
Captain Ward and the Rainbow
The Mermaid
John of Hazelgreen
[The Brown Girl]
[The Trooper and Maid]