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Posted By: Bat Goddess
23-Mar-12 - 10:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
It's been a long day...where do I start? How about with the peepers I heard on the way home? Peepers! The day sort of started out with turtles. Remember that basking rock in one of the ponds I pass on the scenic route between Rte. 4 and Rte. 9? It's way too early, but I've been watching anyway and this morning around 9 a.m. there were a bunch of, I think, musk turtles on the rock in the morning sun. It was cooler today -- only 74F.

When I got to the hospital, Tom was curmudging -- and that's a REALLY good sign. Actually, the day went pretty well despite a klutzy nurse and some annoying (for Tom) distractions, but I managed to grab his physical therapist and get him in a chair where he was a lot more comfortable. I think (and he thinks) the reason his voice has been so quiet lately is the fact he's been stuck in bed, maybe, but not necessarily with his head raised for way too long and seated upright in a chair too seldom. Today he was a lot more comfortable in the chair.

Of course, nothing goes too smoothly. First the ambulance which was supposed to transport him to Clipper Harbor Rehab didn't arrive at 3:30, but about a half hour later. And then, because the double room he was in is so small, they needed to get him first back into the bed and then onto the transport's gurney, so that took a lot of time. And then...oh, like I need this...Wentworth-Douglass Hospital has managed to lose his dentures, last seen in a drawer in his room in the ICU (in a pink plastic container with translucent top with HALL written on it). On my way to the car to follow him, I first stopped at the ICU (even though assured they were no longer there) to make sure the right drawer was checked. Then I went to find the Patient Advocate's office. Found it okay, but they'd left for the day.

On the way to Portsmouth, I was first almost rear-ended by a tailgater when I had to brake for a car braking in front of me, then a car pulled out of a side road and almost turned into me instead of the lane she should have been aiming for. (And she wasn't even talking on a cell phone...)

So finally made it to rehab about an hour after I'd have liked to have been at The Press Room. But Tom was already somewhat settled in his room and then we got to talk to the concierge. I think his stay there is going to be just fine. She made a list of his food likes and especially dislikes (broccoli) so they can avoid them. If I bring beer in (and, I'd imagine, wine) he can have that with meals. As she said, it's not a prison. I have 24/7 access to him. She walked me out to the car to get the bag of clothes I'd had packed there since last week. (I have to find sweat pants or pajama pants that can fit over his cast and bring a lighter weight shirt than I packed last week.) When I told her about my job situation, she asked a few questions and said she'd check around for possible jobs.

I was late enough getting to The Press Room that I had to circle several times before finally landing a parking place at the end of the block. And the session was in full fling when I got there as well. Boy, did that porter hit the spot! I spent most of my time away from the session (after telling Tom's tale to several people just finding out about his hospitalization, etc.) having dinner with a friend whose birthday I'd neglected last week (except for a belated email). I also had her Christmas presents with me -- we've been trying to get together since December. Since I'd had a roast beef sandwich mid-afternoon, I didn't think I was hungry, but I ate most of half a haddock burrito anyway.

By 8-ish I'd consumed a pint and a half of porter, and felt myself fading. Never did actually sing anything. Took my leave and talked my way slowly out the door accompanied by another friend who offered useful stuff for when Tom comes home. We've got an incredible bunch of friends. Don't know what I'd do without everybody including everybody here.

Picked up the mail at the head of the driveway and my copy of "Baby, Let Me Follow You Down" by Eric Von Schmidt and Jim Rooney had arrived...but I think I'm too tired to start reading it. Maybe I'll go upstairs and page through it while winding down.

Did I mention I went to the first yard sale of the season yesterday? Spent a buck and got a nice pinking shears and some heavy (perhaps carpet) thread and some needles. Should swing by and get the box of keys they were holding for me -- they needed to find the key for a wardrobe that was possibly in the box before they sell it to me.

It's been a long day and night. G'night, all.