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26-Mar-12 - 03:54 PM
Thread Name: Eddie Bryn Pugh, are you out there?
Subject: RE: Eddie Bryn Pugh, are you out there?
Very good to hear from you, Maria.

I do, of course, remember teaching you, Lesley B and Clare Marlowe,

with pleasure.

Great days.

Once the apology for a government decided the Polys should henceforth

be Universities:

(i)all the pleasure seemed to ebb;

(ii)the administrative shite became more important than the teaching ;

(iii)bolshie students who, having paid their fees, thought thst I was

at their command, 24/7 - and, if they f*cked up - how could it be

THEIR fault : mine, of course, because I hadn't been teachin' um


So, the option of early retirement was mooted - and, guess who

couldn't get his hand up quick enough ?

In any event, my health was suffering ; with the "promotion" of the

Poly to a University : from having been for me almost a vocation, it

became a chore, a nuisance, a pain in the arse.

I believe that Lesley B is now an SL (at least !) at what used to be

Sheffield Poly. Clare M : dunno.

You, Mike J, can contact me, should you so wish, at I should then be delighted to

provide 'phone numbers and a postal address.

To let you know, I and family are alive, and well, and living in


I should be very interested in a reunion of the Class of '78.

It was a pleasure to teach yez.

Kindest Regards, Bryn. x