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Posted By: Monique
29-Mar-12 - 03:17 AM
Thread Name: French folk song - Sur le Pont d'Auvignon
Subject: RE: French folk song - Sur le Pont d'Avignon
Translation to Ernest Gagnon's directions that you guys will put in proper English:
"The person who's in the middle of the circle has a blindfold on. The dancers, who form a chain, walk around him/her while singing until s/he fancies to hit the floor with a stick s/he holds. Everybody stops and s/he raises the stick and touches the dancer s/he happens to be in front of with the end of it. If s/he can name the person s/he's just touched, this person removes the blindfold and they swap places; otherwise, the chain resumes its rotating and s/he must do the test again."

"There's another way to do this round. Around the room, the same number of chairs as of dancers minus one are arranged; the person in the middle of the circle doesn't have a blindfold; when s/he hits the floor with the stick, everybody rushes to sit down and who wasn't quick enough to take a seat pays a penalty." Well, it's a version of musical chairs.

Btw, le pont Saint Benezet: Benezet (Beneset) is Occitan for Benedict => St Benedict Bridge.