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Posted By: Bat Goddess
29-Mar-12 - 06:38 AM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
I haven't talked to anyone (other than a nurse) at rehab since the day after he got there, so I don't have any idea how long he'll be there. I understand (from some other sources) that usually before release someone -- whether from rehab or Visiting Nurses, or some concerned agency -- will come out and do an assessment. Usually there is some follow-up, too, perhaps with Visiting Nurses.

Tomorrow he has his first follow-up with the surgeon -- the wheelchair van (which may not be covered by his insurance) will bring him there and I will meet him there. (Besides, I've got his insurance card and ID.) I hope to get a copy of either the paper output which Dr. Blitzer showed me right after the surgery or the full set of x-rays on CD. I really didn't take that much time to look at the printout when I was talking to Dr. Blitzer right after he installed the hardware in Tom's fibula (at least, I THINK it's the fibula). I have the x-rays from right after Tom got to the ER.

A friend is loaning us a walker. His insurance will cover most of the cost of a combo and his physical therapist yesterday said he'll need both.

Rufus, our red feline brat, woke me at 5:30 by nosing his way into anything and everything that might make noise. I surmised correctly that his food dish was empty. Crisis averted; he will NOT starve to death -- there are crunchies in the bowl.