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Posted By: gnu
01-Apr-12 - 04:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
Dignity... I know I shouldn't but that never stopped me before.

The grandstanding by Trudeau between rounds and ESPECIALLY after the fight pissed me off. I found it very unsportsmanlike... he is not a pro boxer and that shit was uncalled for. Now, I know it's a YT clip and may have been edited, but what I saw actually did piss me off. Especially after he continuously turned his head like a little girl and his jab was slow and sloppy and he very seldom had his left foot where it should have been and he measured as a defence... you get the pic. He took boxing lessons? Pierre should have gotten his money back.

AND, for Trudeau to continue to punch a man that clearly could not fight back shows a lack of judgement and character. The least he could have done was appeal to the ref to stop the fight on the third standing count and the ref would have allowed Brazeau to make the decision to continue.

There... I said it. I know I should not have but it's the truth.

On the other hand, I think Brazeau would have cleaned his clock if he had been in shape. But, if you can only last ONE minute physically, yer fucked. In my mind, he is the real winner. On the third hand, I can't feel TOO bad for a 37 year old senator, bloody nose or not.