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Posted By: alanabit
02-Apr-12 - 05:00 AM
Thread Name: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
Subject: RE: BS: Justin Trudeau (Canuck MP) boxing match
"Sheesh: he ain't been a karate guy for years." That's a pretty telling comment. You meet so many guys who used to be black belts. It only really works if you have the fitness and practice to strike with the full force of your body. This isn't self defence or unarmed combat. The rules are deliberately made to reduce the amount of damage which can be done. I'll go along with 999's coments about boxers vs karate men too. You can get more power from a leg and it is longer - but you move differently and your opponent has more time to get out of the way. Against the speed, mastery of angles and timing of a reasonably trained boxer, most of us don't have a hope in hell! It wasn't a bad effort from two near middle aged men, but no one should have expected much more.