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02-Apr-12 - 01:01 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2

There is some missing information about the source of "The False Lady" text since I do not have Barry's book, British ballads from Maine (Phillips Barry, Fannie Hardy Eckstorm, Mary Winslow Smyth - 1929). It was reprinted in 1937 with a piano score by Hilton Rufty and I assume recorded in 1954 by Andrew Rowan Summers under the more proper title, The Faulse Ladye. The 1937 Hilton Rufty text uses the "faulse ladye" and lists the source as New Brunswick, Canada.

Unfortunately none of the 8 versions of Loving Henry recordings at LOC are accessible online- it's good to know that they are there--TY

Here's what I have so far- still haven't put all the Sharp versions:

Lord Barnet and Fair Eleonder- (VA) 1917 Davis A
Sir Henry & Lady Margaret- Witt (VA) 1919 Davis B
Proud Lady Margaret- (VA) 1917 Davis C
Lord Henry- (VA) 1922 Davis E
Young Hunting- Walton (VA) 1919 Davis F
Young Hunting- Gentry (NC) 1916 Sharp A
Young Hunting- Landers (NC) 1916 Sharp C
Young Hunting- Keeton (VA) 1916 Sharp D
Young Hunting- Chandler (NC) 1916 Sharp B
Young Hunting- Southerland (NC) 1914 Sharp E
Young Hunting- Hall (Georgia) 1914 Sharp F
Lowe Bonnie- Jimmie Tarlton (SC) 1930 Recording
Young Hunting- Gallagher (NS) 1937 Creighton
Scotland Man- Landers (NC) 1960s Recording
Loving Henry- Workman (KY-WV) 1978 Recording
Young Henerly- Hammons (WV) 1970 Recording
Lord Henry & Lady Margaret- Whittaker (Mo.) 1928
Young Hunting- Lunsford (Appalachians) 1929
Loving Henery- Johnson (VA) pre1936 Scarborough A
Come In, Loving Henery- Keene (Va) pre1936 Scarborough B
Lord Henry- Hill (WV) 1916 Cox A
Love Henry- McKinney (WV) 1919 Cox B
Lord Banyan- Dusenbury (Mo.) 1876 Randolph B
Little Scotchee- Pierce (SC) 1928 Smith
Henry Lee- "Dick" Justice (WV) 1929 Recording
Loving Heneary- Tucker (Georgia) 1931 Mellinger Henry
Lord Bonnie- York (NC) 1939 Brown Collection
Oh Henery- Trivette (NC) 1939 Brown Collection
My Love Heneree- Proffitt (NC) c. 1920 Warner 1959
Loving Henry- Bowerman; pre1936 Scarborough C
Lovin' Henry- Lamb and Rowe (KY) 1949 Roberts
Lady Margot & Love Henry- Johnson (VA) 1933 Niles
The False Lady- Barry (New Brunswick) 1929