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04-Apr-12 - 09:07 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2

Thaks fro all the suggestions.

I added these:

Lord of Scotland- Edwards (NY) c.1940s Cazden
Love Henry- Carter (KY) 1917 Sharp G
Young Hunting- Dunagan (KY) 1917 Sharp H
Young Hunting- Deeton (NC) 1918 Sharp N
Loving Henry- O'Bryant (Kansas) 1958 Max Hunter
Lord Land- Borusky (Wisconsin) 1938 JOAFL
Lou Bonnie- Gilbert (Ark.) 1971 Max Hunter
Loving Henry- Majors (Kansas) 1950s? Max Hunter
Henry Lee- Krussel (Mo.) 1975 Max Hunter
Loving Henry- Pettit (KY) pre1907 Kittredge
Loving Henry- Whitt (KY) pre1916 Kittredge
Young Henry- Bresnehen (Mo.) c.1875 Kittredge
Love Henry- Wadsworth (Indiana) pre1916 Kittredge

The texts and music are here:

Some of the texts I haven't finished- need to scan.

Here are some other missing texts, Campbell's may have been reprinted by Sharp in 1917:

A similar text ("Love Henry") was printed in Delaney's "Scotch Song Book No. I," p. 6 (New York, William W. Delaney).' Variants of this version are reported by Mrs. Olive Dame Campbell, "The Survey" (New York, Jan. 2, 1915).

TY all,