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07-Apr-12 - 07:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
File an extension request on your taxes and take that off your plate.

The sleep thing is tough. The 2 monther back in 2010............

**Paranoid dreams about a nurse who was being cruel to me. This one went so far as to get the chief of nursing in. The "cruel nurse" named Janet came in and I eventually saw it had been a nightmarish version of reality. She had indeed restrained me but I was trying to get out of bed and trying to rip out the Foley PLUS I DID rip out a PIC line. I thought I was laying in the back of my van and listening to Peter T. whose voice I have rarely heard read "Thoughts' for the Day" to me.

**More strangeness with no reality---I was in the back room at a taping of "Antiques Roadshow" and I had all these gizmos that no one would look at or price and I was out of money.

**Strangeness and paranoia with some reality----The staff was having a party in the hall outside my room and had me and other very sick patients dancing til we dropped and laughing at us. I begged to go to the bathroom but had to crap in the hallway. The only part of this one that was true is that I did manage to get out of bed, ripping out several lines and shit all over the hallway.

**Worst fear realized---I was moved all around the city to the ends of hallways in unfinished buildings and was never allowed to see Karen. The staff kept telling me I would never see her again. This one came when I could neither walk nor talk and when Karen came I begged her never to leave. This one took awhile to get past. THEY ARE SO GAWDDAM REAL!!!!!

There are get the idea. Part of mine were meds and the interaction between the sleepers/painkillers/betablockers/antibiotics.......But part of them were due to fever/infection from the multiple fuck-up surgery.

Altogether I was in for 7 weeks and for almost 4 of them I was having problems like the above. It felt far longer. I cannot tell you how frightened I was and how long it took me to get over it.