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Posted By: John P
07-Apr-12 - 11:43 PM
Thread Name: When does living history end?
Subject: RE: When does living history end?
It's odd having the reached age where I am the living history. I had a wake up call a couple of years ago when I was talking about Led Zeppelin with some of the younger people at work. I said something about what a revolution in rock music their first album was and how we all learned their songs right away. I realized they were all looking at me oddly and one of them said with near-incredulous surprise in his voice, "You remember when the first Led Zeppelin album came out"???

And of course, the younger generations don't remember when the internet didn't exist.

I was fortunate enough to have three living great-great grandmothers when I was a kid but old enough to realize how unusual that was. We heard stories from the last part of the 19th century, heard all about when automobiles came into being, electricity, telephones, etc. They all made it into their late 90s or 100s with their minds as sharp as ever, and memories intact.

As for the original question, I'm with those for whom living memory means the extent of the lives of those who heard first-hand accounts. I could, however, make a persuasive case for it ending with the lives of the people who witnessed the events.