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Posted By: Little Hawk
09-Apr-12 - 10:03 AM
Thread Name: When does living history end?
Subject: RE: When does living history end?
You're quite right about those other Holocausts, Guest. The one in Cambodia, for instance, was utterly extraordinary. They managed to kill about 1/3 of the entire populace...and they didn't restrict it to any one ethnic was right across the board.

The thing that stands out about the ongoing Middle Eastern Holocaust, though, is that the perpetrators of it are still being treated as if they were the victims and the "good guys" in the situation, and they are being supported by the Western media, and they are being assisted in their empire-building efforts by the entire western alliance, which has occupied Iraq and Afghanistan and has assisted in toppling a number of governments in Muslim nations such as Iran (in the 1950s), Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Lybia...and they're presently trying hard to in Syria...and they appear to be planning another and even larger war on Iran, based on the usual spurious accusation of an imaginary threat of Weapons of Mass Destruction, the very same excuse that was used to attack Iraq.

(No other excuse will serve to scare the American public enough to get their that is the one excuse that gets trotted out every time...)

I do not think the eventual judgement of history will be kind to this western alliance. It is fighting imperial wars of corporate occupation, and justifying them with outright lies. It pretends to defend, but its entire modus operandi is to attack.