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10-Apr-12 - 04:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
Good Lord, this is horrendous, I'd never have bothered you for facebook instructions, but I had no idea. I apologize.

When I mentioned my break, I was thinking in terms of how it went with me - crept into house, called wife, she came & drove me to CVH, got there about 9:00 a.m,, had x-rays, consults, doc reduced the break, went thru surgery about 7:00 p.m, in a semi-private the next day until about 5:00 p.m., when I went home, and that was that. Clearly I got off very lightly, tho that wasn't my view at the time.

Seeing as I was 56 last July, I wasn't quite thinking of myself as a spring chicken, nor quite at the apogee of fitness either, but apparently I'm still nearly in the above-mentioned category of youngsters who do this kind of thing and never notice. (Well, actually I did notice.)

I'm another non-praying guy, but I can mention this to wife Meg if you'd like, and you can have the Baptist Fellowship of Randolph, Vermont add their petitions for Tom's prosperity. Speaking of religion, as I was crawling out the kitchen door & down the steps, on my way to the car & the hospital, Meg grins and says "See, God's finally got you on your knees, after all." Her sister later thought it incredibly callous, but I actually found it hilarious. I wanted all the hilarity that could be mustered, as I was lying around thinking of all the stuff I had been planning to get done in August & September, and the jams & concerts I'd not be going to. Foot didn't feel particularly good either, tho I'd always supposed broken bones more painful than this turned out to be, this being my first.

Hang in there, Linn. Rx: A sufficiency of cats, fried in butter until - no, I mean petted absently on top of good knee, whilst reading and drinking udvash, repeat PRN. This too shall pass.

Carl, VT Harmonica Guy