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13-Apr-12 - 03:20 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Mnemonic rhyme for parts of speech
Subject: RE: Folklore: Mnemonic rhyme for parts of speech
He would have found them in the Bible, SRS, or other lit with old-fashioned expression. They are moreover, along with the pronouns thee, thou, &c, still dialectically current in parts of Northern England. Pronouns & verbs are the only English parts o0f speech which moderate, i.e. change their form, as did LATIN NOUNS, WITH THEIR CASE, THE WORK THEY DO IN THE SENTENCE, AS 'I' FOR THE SUBJECT, 'ME' FOR THE OBJECT [bugger these officious caps locks!]; and verbs also vary according to tense and person - 'I am, you are' today; 'I was, you were' yesterday.