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Posted By: Bat Goddess
13-Apr-12 - 06:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
Well, yes...they DID release him today -- back to rehab. I didn't find this out, of course, until after I had been at work for a couple hours. Fortunately it was a quiet day (the doctor was off at her other office at the other end of the mall where they were having an "Eyeglass Extravaganza" this weekend), so I was able to spend as much time on the phone as I had to.

Okay, folks, new phone number -- 603-749-2936, room 504 at Langdon Place at Dover. I made them promise not to try to kill him...

The good news is that I transported him there -- he got into my car with minimal difficulty at Wentworth-Douglass and the most significant problem he had in getting out at Langdon Place was the wheelchair there didn't have feet supports and Tom had trouble keeping his feet off the ground. That was quickly taken care of and he was wheeled into a very pleasant, well-designed double room where he had the choice of beds -- he may be alone all weekend.

The other good news is I was able to borrow a very nice "rollator" (rolling walker with a seat) for him to use when he gets home. And his goal is to be home by this time next week. He REALLY wants to be home and in familiar surroundings.

Langdon Place is a bit more convenient for me to get to after work, less than 4 miles from Rte. 4. It seems like a nice place -- physical therapy facilities, and I really like how the rooms are laid out. Less people in wheelchairs parked in the halls, too. Perhaps a bit less understaffed?

Way too tired to go back to Portsmouth to the Press Room session -- I'd let some of the other principals know I probably wouldn't make it and to let those not following here or Facebook what's happening.

I probably won't stay here at the computer any longer than it takes to eat supper. I'll call Tom in about 45 minutes to say goodnight, then probably turn in early myself.