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Posted By: JohnInKansas
17-Apr-12 - 04:52 AM
Thread Name: BS: Your Favorite Visual Artist...
Subject: RE: BS: Your Favorite Visual Artist...
While I have already indicated my difficulty in picking "a" favorite, I will admit that I have sort of done so in the past.

My "desktop" background for some time now has by Honthorst's "A Young woman Playing A Viola Da Gamba."

I've found that one "pleasant" enough to leave it up for at least a year now.

In the fairly recent past I've also used Bouguereau's "Birth of Venus" and Faraout's "Winter Storm."

There's a big difference in what "wears well enough" to be pleasantly tolerable when you look at it regularly, and what "grabs enough" to draw your attention pleasurably in smaller doses.

(I suppose the Farout wasn't up for long because it was a little "too stimulating."(?))

Lin used a picture of Willie (Nelson of course) for a fairly long time, but a recent monitor failure resulted in her new one having a very different "aspect ratio" where it doesn't fit. (Maybe her mood would improve if I reworked it so she could have some more willie Willie again ????)