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Thread Name: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2

I've put most of the songs in my collection for No. 73 Lord Thomas/Bown Girl. Please to add (post lyrics) if you have additional versions. Here's the list:

Lord Thomas and Fair Elendar- Stone (Kansas) 1897
The Brown Girl- Pettit (KY) pre1907 Kittredge
Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender- Harmon (TN) 1928
Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor- Songster- c. 1840s
Lord Thomas and Fair Ellen- (VA) 1898 Brown A
Fair Ellender and the Brown Girl- Fish (NC) 1913
Fair Ellender- Caldwell (NC) 1913 Perrow
Lord Thomas and Fair Ellender- Holder (NC) 1914
Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor- Greer (NC) 1915
Lord Thomas & Fair Eleanor- Blacknall (NC) c.1812
Lord Thomas- Freeman (Ark.) 1941 Randolph J
The Brown Girl- (VA) 1889 Babcock- Child
The Brown Girl- Urice (WV) 1816 Cox A
Fair Ellender & the Brown Girl- Bronley (WV) 1916 Cox B
Fair Elander & the Brown Girl- McCourt (WV) 1916 Cox C
Fair Ellender- Mrs. Boggs (WV) 1917 Cox D
Lord Thomas- Bennett (WV) 1916 Cox E
Lord Thomas- Miller (WV) 1916 Cox F
Fair Ellenger- McAtee (WV) 1917 Cox G
The Brown Girl- Bosely (WV) 1917 Cox H
Lord Thomas- Ramenes (Ark.) 1914 Cox I
Lord Thomas- Mackay (New Brunswick) 1881 Child D f.
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellendry- House NC 1916 Sharp A
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellender- Moore Ga 1909 Sharp B
Little Eleanor- M. E. B. (Vt.) 1905 Barry
Lord Thomas- Williams (Mo.) pre1906 Belden A
Lord Thomas- Vaughan (Mo.) pre1906 Belden B
Lord Thomas- Simmons (Ark.) pre1906 Belden C
The Brown Girl- Fore (Mo.) pre1906 Belden D
The Brown Girl- Creed (Illinois) pre1939 Neely
Lord Thomas & Fair Alander- Lowrimore (CA) 1946
Lord Thomas- Beeman (Michigan) 1936 Gardner A
Lord Thomas- Loughlin (Michigan) 1878 Gardner B
Lord Thomas- W. H. E. (VA) 1950 Davis JOAFL
Lord Thomas And Fair Ellen- Aveline (Ind.) 1942
The Brown Girl- Barnett (Miss.) 1926 Hudson
Lord Thomas- Underhill (Ind.) 1936 Brewster A
The Brown Girl- Bryant (Indiana) 1937 Brewster B
Lord Thomas & Fair Eleanor- Sullivan (IN) 1935 Brewster C
Lord Thomas's Wedding- Lenington (IN) 1935 Brewster D
Fair Eleanor- McDonald (Indiana) 1935 Brewster E
The Brown Girl- Davis (Indiana) 1935 Brewster F
Lord Thomas- Johnson (Indiana) 1935 Brewster G
The Brown Girl- McAllister (Indiana) 1935 Brewster H
Lord Thomas & Fair Elenor- Mitchell (VA) 1920 Davis A
Lord Thomas & Fair Eleanor- Nelson VA 1924 Davis B
The Brown Girl- Welch (WV) 1957 Musick A
The Brown Girl- Keener (WV) 1957 Musick B
The Brown Girl- Ammons (WV) 1957 Musick C
The Brown Girl- Eddy (WV) 1957 Musick D
Lord Thomas- Grimm (Nebraska) 1913 Pound
The Brown Girl- Pierce (SC-NC) pre1927 Reed Smith
The Brown Girl- Pierce (SC-NC) pre1927 Sandburg
Fair Eleanor and Lord Thomas- Wallin (NC) 1983
Lord Thomas & Fair Elinor- Compton SC 1913 Smith A
Lord Thomas & Fair Eleanor- Simons SC 1928 Smith B
Lord Thomas & Fa'r Elinor- Means SC 1899 Smith D
The Brown Girl- Clement (SC) 1913 Smith E
Lord Thomas- Walters (Newfoundland) 1929
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellender- Hart VA 1921 Davis C
Fair Ellen- Sears (VA) 1916 Davis D Lord
Thomas & Fair Ellender- Ritchie KY 1961 Rec.
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellinor- McNab (Halifax) pre1932
The Brown Bride- Wyman (KY) pre1919
The Brown Girl- Yowell (VA) 1914 Davis E
The Three Lovers- Wiley (VA) Davis F
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellender- Via (VA) 1920 Davis G
Lord Thomas- Eubank (VA) 1914 Davis H
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellender- Doss VA 1921 Davis I
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellen- Rodes (VA) 1917 Davis J
The Brown Girl- Boyd (VA) 1916 Davis K
The Brown Girl- Maxie (VA) 1914 Davis L
Lord Thomas- Stone (VA) 1914 Davis M
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellen- Mullens (VA) 1921 Davis N
Lord Thomas- Grainger (VA) 1913 Davis O
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellinor- Cover VA 1913 Davis P
The Brown Girl- Seoane (VA) 1914 Davis Q
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellen- (Ga) 1933 Niles B
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellender- Smith NC 1936 Niles A
Lord Thomas- Andrus (Schenectady NY) 1844
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellen- Brown (KY) 1930s Niles C
Thomas and Ellen- Turner (NC) c.1930s Niles D
The Brown Girl- Horton Barker (VA) 1939 Halpert
Lord Thomas & Fair Eleanor- Kennison (VT) 1930
Lord Thomas- Gentry/Long (NC) 1916 Sharp E
Lord Thomas- Parsons (TN) 1917 Sharp L
Lord Thomas- Snipes (NC) 1918 Sharp B b
Lord Thomas- Chrisom (NC) 1918 Sharp C c
Lord Thomas- Maud Long (NC) 1946 Moser Rec.
Lord Thomas- McGill (KY) pre1917 McGill
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellinor- Decker (NL) 1959
The Brown Girl- Collier (VA) pre1936 Scarborough A
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellen- Gibson (VA) 1936 Scar B
Lord Thomas- Morris (VA) pre1936 Scarborough C
Lord Thomas- Owens (VA) pre1936 Scarborough D
Fair Ellender- Lambert (VA) pre1936 Scarborough E
Lord Thomas & Fair Ellen- Ports (OH) 1939 Eddy A
Lord Thomas- Stork (OH) 1939 Eddy B
Lord Thomas- Chapel (OH) 1939 Eddy C
The Brown Girl- Mace (OH) 1939 Eddy D
The Brown Girl- Lozier (KY) pre1973 Recording
The Brown Girl- McDonald (Arkansas) 1958 Hunter
The Brown Girl- McCord (Mo.) 1958 Hunter
Lord Thomas- Brewer (Ark.) 1958 Hunter
The Brown Girl- Kisner (Ark.) 1960 Hunter
Fair Annalee- Driftwood (Ark.) 1969 Hunter Rec.
The Brown Girl- Daugherty (Ark.) 1958 Wolfe Collection
Lord Thomas- McMillon (NC) 1985 Recording
Lord Thomas- Enzor (KY) 1957 Roberts
Fair Ellender- Proffitt (NC) 1959 Warner
Lord Thomas- Tilllett (NC) 1941 Warner
The Brown Girl- Bethel (Mo.) 1930 Randolph A
Lord Thomas & the Brown Girl- (Mo.) 1928 Randolph B
Brown Girl- Bullard (Mo.) 1927 Randolph C
Fair Ellender- Baber (Mo.) 1924 Randolph D
The Brown Girl- Morris (Mo.) 1935 Randolph E
The Brown Girl- Hastings (Ark.) 1941 Randolph F
The Brown Girl- Reba (Mo.) 1941 Randolph G
The Brown Girl- Short (Mo.) 1941 Randolph H
The Brown Girl- McCord (Mo.) c.1900 Randolph I
Lord Thomas- Freeman (Mo.) 1941 Randolph J

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