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Posted By: Bat Goddess
21-Apr-12 - 08:01 PM
Thread Name: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
Subject: RE: BS: Curmudgeon's Latest Adventure
The Press Room shanty session is over by now...but I'm as tired as I was at 10 this morning. Read, under-reacted, slept...only know I slept because I Pete Hale's, in front of a computer, looking at cassette tapes in a drawer while talking to Pete who was out of sight in the dining room eating something before going to an engagement...a female cat appeared with white gloves and a '50s-style white women's purse and a pillbox hat with a veil...and nobody found it unusual... Ach! Dreams!

There's a certain amount of guilt that I didn't accomplish anything today other than reading... That's my upbringing: Midwestern, Germanic, Lutheran and, yes, Republican, dammit. (But Papa, my maternal grandfather, was not only a Democrat, but idolized Roosevelt; he was a true New Dealer. And he looked a lot like Lyndon Johnson...)

I'm eating a second supper...a fried ham sandwich. Not quite 8:00, but I'm going back upstairs to bed.

Hope the session went well... Talked to Tom. Sorry that, not only did I not get him to the session today, but that I'm worrying him with my dragged-outedness.