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Posted By: Bugsy
22-Apr-12 - 11:55 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Dan Seals - Wood
Subject: RE: Chord Req: Dan Seals - Wood
Here's the words as I heard them.

His old hands were brown from the varnish and the stain
And I had come to talk in my youth and in my pain
I told him that I was not the man I want to be
I waited to see what he would say

But he just kept on working as if I wasn't there
The sweat on his face and dust in his hair
He paused for a moment when I'd been there for a while
I turned around and thought I saw him smile

He said , Wood,
From the earth beneath our feet there grows a tree
And we can take it, shape it, to what's it's meant to be
The stronger the fibre, the better for the good
And son, I believe that men are just like wood."

I handed him a timber and he laid it on the bench
I watched the love and care he took to measure every inch
the work it got harder when he cut across the grain
but he just put more shoulder to the plane

I sat there beside him as he carved out every line
He made a thing of beauty from a rough old piece of pine
He seem to have the vision of what the end would be
I felt as if some pieces had been taken out of me

He said , Wood.....

I left a little taller wiser, and free
I learned the use of tools for the carpenter in me
I don't have all the answers but one thing I have have found
We are the choices that we make when the chips are down, wood.

He said , Wood.....