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Thread Name: Help needed for Rosalie Sorrels
Subject: RE: Help needed for Rosalie Sorrels
Let's add some content and context:

Rosalie Sorrels (born 1933) is an American folk singer-songwriter who resides in the mountains near Boise, Idaho. She began her public career as a singer and collector of traditional folksongs in the late 1950s. During the early 1960s she left her husband and began traveling and performing at music festivals and clubs throughout the United States. She and her five children traveled across the country as she worked to support her family and establish herself as a performer. Along the way she made many lifelong friends among the folk and beat scene. Her career of social activism, storytelling, teaching, learning, songwriting, collecting folk songs, performing, and recording has spanned six decades. [There's much more at the link.]

Fresh Air remarks (audio not available)

American folk singer ROSALIE SORRELS may not be wildly famous but since the 1960s she's developed a near cult like following. Her admirers describe Sorrels as someone who has lived the life she now sings about. In fact, she was immortalized in a song by Nanci Griffith describing Sorrels as "Salt of the earth.....with a voice like wine." .Her newest CD is "Borderline Heart" by Green Linnet Records Inc. The book "Way Out in Idaho" is a collection of her poems, songs and recipes. In 1992, She received the recording industry "Indie" award for Best Storytelling album for her CD "Report From Grimes Creek."

Profile: Folk Music Matriarch Rosalie Sorrels on NPR
From member station WGBH in Boston, reporter Jill Kaufman profiles folk singer Rosalie Sorrels. Born in Idaho in 1933, she's considered a matriarch of American folk music, and recently the University of California at Santa Cruz dedicated an archive to house her papers, including news clippings about war protests and civil rights marches.