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23-Apr-12 - 10:42 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2

I've had a listen and posted my corrections below. Drops in v2 I'm not completely sure of, but I think that's what it is. v7 l2 I'm not sure whether the word should be lint rather than linen. (A couple of words were just omitted in the transcript and you have one those instead of them; I've included them below).



One morning, one morning, one morning in May,
There rose a grievous alarm
Sweet William, he said, he was pestered in his head
By the dream he had dreamt last night.

He dreamed---,
That his bed was swilted by drops
And his bride was all swimming in blood.

He called to his horses all,
And he counted one, two, three,
At the last of them all he called for his bride,
Liddy Marget may I go and see.

He rode till he came to Liddy Marget's gate,
And he tingled on the ring,
No one was so ready as Liddy Marget's brother,
To rise and bid him come in.

"Is she in the kitchen," said he,
"Or is she in the hall?
Or is she in that far back room,
Among the ladies all?"

"She's neither in the kitchen," said he,
"Nor she's neither in the hall.
But there she lies in her cold, cold coffin
A- sitting up agin the wall."

"Unfold, unfold that linen white sheet
That's made of linen (lint?) so fine
And let me kiss them clay cold lips
For often they kissed mine."

He first kissed her rosy red cheeks,
And then he kissed her chin;
And then he kissed them clay-cold lips
Which 'ffected his heart within.

They buried Liddy Marget in a church graveyard
Sweet William by her side.
And from her breast sprung a merry red rose,
And from his knees a green briar.

They growed, they growed to a top of a tower,
And they could not grow any higher.
They linked and they locked in a true-loves knot,
A red rose and a green briar.

Source: Daw Henson on Kentucky Mountain Music, 1938