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Posted By: Jon Freeman
04-Nov-00 - 04:42 AM
Thread Name: Guitars: do looks make the difference?
Subject: RE: Guitars: do looks make the difference?
I'm not worried about the looks and I would be a little bit nervous over suggesting that others should take looks into account.

I remember a friend who had a perfectly good Yamaha part exchanging it for a Fender Malibu? (some fancy looking cut away job) and proudly showing it to me. I thought it sounded awful, thin and weedy but he was delighted with his new acquisition even though it seemed to be unsiuted to his style of playing.

His playing did not improve with this guitar and in fact, I think he sounded worse with it but I guess he was happy even though he was always dissapointed that no one who was without a guitar at the folk club would ever ask to borrow his (at least not after trying it once)...