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27-Apr-12 - 11:36 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2

Here's what I have so far for Child 74 US Versions:

Sweet William- Herskille (WV) pre1917 Cox A
Sweet William- (KY) 1910 Combs JOAFL
Sweet William & Lady Margaret- Williams (Mo.) 1906
William and Margaret- Zehner (Illinois) pre1939 Nealy
Lady Margaret & Sweet William- Henson (KY) 1938
Lady Margaret- Brown (WV) c.1875 Cox B
Lydia Margaret- Neff (Mo.) 1914 Kittredge JOAFL
Sweet William and Lady Margery- (KY) 1916 Wyman
Sweet William- (KY) 1917 McGill
Sweet William- Jones (WV) c.1871 Cox C
Lady Margaret's Ghost- Johnson (WV) 1916 Cox D
Lady Margaret- McAtee (WV) 1917 Cox E
Lady Margaret- McKinney (WV) 1919 Cox F
Sweet William- Ayers (WV) pre1918 Cox G
Sweet William- Stockton (TN) 1916 Sharp A
Lady Margret- Hensley (KY) 1910 Sharp B
Lady Margaret & King William- Davis (VT) 1939
Prince William & Lady Margaret- Haskins (MA) 1934
Sweet William- Bennett (NC) 1918 Sharp P
Sweet William & Lady Margaret- Ritchie (KY) 1961
Lady Marget- Fish (NC) pre1913 Brown/Perrow
Lady Margaret- Perry (NC) c.1940 Brown B
Sweet Willie- Brown (NC) c.1920 Brown C
Little Margaret- Lunsford (NC) 1953 Recording
Sweet William- Martin (VA) 1917 Davis A
Lady Margot- Holcolm (KY) 1932 Niles A
Lady Margot- Mullens (KY) 1933 Niles B
Little Margaret- Lofgren/Lunsford 1997
Little Margaret- Ramsey (NC) 1957 Recording
Lady Margaret & Sweet William- Roberts (NC) 1943
Sweet William- Smith (IN) 1935 Brewster A
Lady Margaret & Sweet William- Bryant (IN) 1935
Lady Margaret & Sweet William- Johnson (IN) 1935
Lady Margaret- Lasher (IN) 1935 Brewster D
Sweet William- Shriver (IL) 1935 Brewster E
Lady Marget- Sands (NC) 1916 Sharp C
Lady Margret- Hensley (NC) 1916 Sharp D
Lady Margaret- Morris (VA) pre1936 Scarborough
Lady Margaret & Sweet William- Goon (OH) c.1874 Eddy
Pretty Polly & Sweet William- Topper (OH) pre1939
Lydia Marget- Dove (VA) 1914 Davis B
Sweet William- Mitchell (KY) 1956 Roberts
Lady Margaret- Huddleston (Ark.) c.1972 Wolfe Coll
Lady Margaret & Sweet William- Kennison (VT) 1930
Lady Margaret- Riddle (Ark.) c.1970 Wolfe Collection
Lady Margret- Hawkins (Ark.) 1962 Wolfe Coll.
Lady Margaret- Sutton (AR) 1952 Wolfe Coll.
Lady Margret- Brewer- (Ark.) 1958 Max Hunter
Lady Marg'ret- Sutton (NC) c.1920s Brown D
Sweet William- Walker (NC) 1936 Brown G
Lady Margret & Sweet William- Maxie (VA) 1914
Sweet William- Bucher (VA) 1914 Davis D   
Sweet William & Lady Margaret- Clark (VA) 1920
Lady Margret- Armistead (VA) 1915 Davis G
Lady Margaret- Lynch (VA) 1916 Davis H
Sweet William & Lady Margaret- Dickson (VA) 1920
Fair Margaret- Seoane (VA) 1914 Brown L
Lady Margret- Hogan (VA) 1914 Davis M
Sweet William's Bride- Rodes (VA) 1917 Davis N
Lady Margaret & Sweet William- Armstrong (VA) 1922
Lady Margret- Morris (Mo.) 1962 Max Hunter
Lady Marget- Gilbert (Ark.) 1965 Max Hunter
Lady Margret- Martin (Kansas) c.1970 Max Hunter
Lady Margret- Majors (Kansas) c.1963 Max Hunter

You can look at individual versions here:

Anyone have addition versions? Please post lyrics if you do,