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Posted By: number 6
01-May-12 - 06:11 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Photoshop CS5 tricks
Subject: RE: Tech: Photoshop CS5 tricks
John in Kansas ... "Most real pros figure 10% "good out of the camera" is exceptional." Do you mean 10% out of total shots taken in one photo shoot ... that I would say is true ... but if you mean 90% of one photo is expected to be post edited then I disagree and I must say I have never heard of that. Wedding and portrait photographers might perform more post precessing than other photographers on a shot, but certainly not more than 70%. If 70% post editing is required than it is over produced. Nothing is more annoying I find than an over produced photo ... sorta like an overproduced song or piece of music.

Most pro's have enough experience in framing a shot (even on the fly), and have mastered the technical usage of their cameras to get a pretty good shot "out of the can" ... but, I agree that almost all photos do require some post editing. Even in the days of film, photos required some orchestration in the dark room.

If I have to do more than 10 - 15% post editing on a single photo ( btw, I use only Adobe Lightroom) ... than it isn't acceptable by my personal standards ... it's a failed shot. I also shoot in RAW format.

With all that being said, I agree Bonzo, playing around with some photo editing tools can be fun.