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Posted By: Max Tone
04-Nov-00 - 05:12 PM
Thread Name: Dates for Scottish gathering
Subject: RE: Dates for Scottish gathering
Hey, y'all,
Anyone wanna buy a fiddle?
Went up to Montrose last night, to view the instrument auction, looking for a better clarinet for my daughter, Alex.
Left bids on a nice Selmer, a cute simple system E-flat and a never-seen-before closed hole B-flat. Didn't get any of them.
Made the mistake, whilst I was there, of leaving bids on anything that I thought would be worth having, if it came cheap enough to turn over, or keep. Oh dear! Old habits die hard.
Phoned the auctioneer this afternoon, to be told my bill's £1300 (most of which I don't have)!!!!
5 fiddles, a banjo, 2 old snare drums, a lovely Selmer piccolo, a Glen chanter and........wait for it.........Yeah, you guessed, it, a bloody grand piano!!!!!!!! ---A super cute Challen 4' Baby Grand. I've now no excuse not to learn!
Hope to pay the bill in time to squeeze the joanna into the house in time for the 17/18/19th, in which case the MIDI keyboard can go back to the van! Keep in touch on this one, Calach.
Tattie -- E-mail me for Sunday info/phone numbers. I suspect we'll still be in the house ------until somebody suggests the pub!