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Posted By: JohnInKansas
03-May-12 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Photoshop CS5 tricks
Subject: RE: Tech: Photoshop CS5 tricks
no 6 -

I was referring to the number/percentage of shots that are "perfect enough" to use without any editing.

I'll agree that many pros work at getting high percentages of shots usable, and for the routine "paid shooting session" very high percentages of shots taken may be used, but there's always the problem that as your experience accrues your standards may (should?) go up, so in your "creative moments" you recognize more things that can be "improved" with a tweak or two. You also should become more efficient at making the changes that your own preferences demand. Even Eastman & Weston said "it's 90 percent in the darkroom."

It must also be pointed out that the photos you take aren't necessarily the only ones you want to work on.

I got my start with Photoshop Elements (version 1) on a barrel (literally) of old "family photos," nearly all of which were more than 50 years old, nearly all faded and off color (even the B/W ones), and about half were torn or with coffee stains on great grand daddy's face. About 1500 photos (or 32 gallons, based on the biggest barrel) later, I find the shift in PSE to make it "all automatic" quite annoying. (the automatic corrections might be fine for typical exposure problems, but are totally inadequate for old and faded stuff.)

I'm still using mainly PSE2 despite the requirement to continually/repeatedly apply "Administrator authority" to force it to run in Win7, since many of its best features apparently don't exist in the later versions (I have versions 9 & 10). They've been replaced by some perhaps handy features (for fresh shots?) that I don't want or need for my particular purposes; and features I do need have disappeared.

Fortunately, "she" whose family supplied most of the photos that needed a lot of work has fairly low standards, so I only need to satisfy myself.