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Posted By: Steve Gardham
07-May-12 - 04:58 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2
Subject: RE: Origins: Child Ballads: US Versions Part 2
Morris has some of the ballad stanzas but like one of the Brewster versions is crossed with 'Turtle Dove' at p278.

The Lonesome Turtle-Dove, from Mr Lowery Davis, Gainesville, who learned it from the singing of his mother in Alabama.

As i was riding out one cold winter night,
A-drinking of sweet wine,
I went a-courting of that pretty little girl
That stole this heasrt of mine.

She's like one pink, one pink or rose,
That blooms in the month of June;
She's like one bright new instrument
That's never out of tune. (Wow! Love it!)

'I'm going away my own true love;
I'm going away for a while;
I'm going away but I'm coming back again,
Though it be ten thousand-mile.'

'Oh stay with me, my own true love,
Oh stay with me for a while;
Oh stay with me till the rocks all melt,
And the rolling sea runs dry.'

'And if I should prove false to you,
And I should never return;
The fire will freeze in a cold cake of ice,
And the rolling sea will burn.'

'Oh who will shoe my feet, my love,
And who will glove my hand,
And who will kiss my sweet ruby lips,
While you're in a foreign land?'

'Your father will shoe your feet, my love,
Your mother will glove your hand;
Your friends will kiss your sweet ruby lips,
While I'm in a foreign land.'

Her mother saw me in the door;
She rung her hands and cried,
'Oh oh you've come too late,
For now she's dead and gone.'

'Oh is she not in the dining room,
Or is she not in the hall,
Or is she not in the parlor room
Among those ladies all?'

'She's neither in the dining room,
And neither in the hall,
But yonder she lies in her cold cloudy coffin,
With her pale face to the wall.'

'Unfold, unfold those winding sheets;
Unfold those sheets so fine,
And let me kiss those sweet ruby lips,
As oft as she's kissed mine.'

'Oh don't you hear that lonesome turtledove,
That flies from pine to pine;
It's mourning the loss of its own true love,
And why not me for mine?'

Is this any good to you?