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Posted By: CamiSu
04-Nov-00 - 08:20 PM
Thread Name: Info req: The Cat's in the Cradle
Subject: RE: Info req: The Cat's in the Cradle
I seem to recall that Harry was referring a bit to the spoon in the mouth of the (at least somewhat) priveledged. I'm getting foggy, but I think Sandy was at least in part, responsible for the poetry here. Harry was on the road a LOT when this was written, and Josh & Jenny were little. (I babysat them occasionally). Sandy was not too thrilled to be running the house by herself, and then kind of feeling a bit like "I can do this by myself, what do I need you here for?" Harry resolved to be home more, and I know he tried.

It was kind of fun to be singing 'Cat's in the Cradle' before the album came out. People asked for it a lot.

The last time I saw him he dragged his (then) 7-year-old Josh over to meet my 11-month-old Josh. Neither Josh was much impressed. I couldn't listen to his stuff for years after he died. It just hurt too much. But I'm glad it still gets played. And now I can sing his stuff again. I sang 'Circle' at my sisters wedding, and we all sang it at my Dad's funeral. It seemed apt.