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Posted By: JohnInKansas
07-May-12 - 05:38 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Photoshop CS5 tricks
Subject: RE: Tech: Photoshop CS5 tricks
Adobe has also advanced their opinion that all of their stuff should be "rented" rather than sold, with annual(?) or possibly even monthly(?) subscription fees for as long as you use it.

If you snap it, print it, sell it, & forget it, that might not be too bad a deal, but I use Elements for lots of stuff that doesn't really qualify as "pictures," and expect to rework and rearrange things indefinitely (and don't make any money off what I do). If you try to use PS "native" formats, they're dead if the program to work them with goes away.

Even a program that you "purchase" still "belongs to Adobe," but you've always had the right to keep using it as long as you can make it keep running. (Microsoft will take care of making it not run, eventually, if you use Windows; but that's sort of a different deal than having it shut off if you miss the paying the rent.)

Since the recent CS versions are already 3x or 4x the price of my computer, it's getting harder all the time to justify "sticking with the name brand." And the flaky changes they've become attached to completely negate the assumption that the "established real" provider will give you a consistent and reliable product.