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04-Nov-00 - 09:02 PM
Thread Name: Info req: The Cat's in the Cradle
Subject: RE: Info req: The Cat's in the Cradle
Yeah, S'paw. (I did mean to say you definitely made the right choice)

I lived down the street from him and his eldest step-daughter and my sister are best friends. (Martha's first wedding was in Chapin's garden. Jaime was at Dad's funeral as well.) Dad and Harry were on pretty opposite ends of the political spectrum but somehow had a great deal of respect for each other. I think they each saw through to the human inside.

Harry was on fire pretty much everywhere. He supported everything he believed in, and everybody almost regardless. But one of my best memories was of a bunch of us up in the bedroom, all sitting around while he sang the stuff in progress (Where I learned 'Cat's..' and the version of 'Shootin Star' that I still sing), and he was talking to his producer, and Josh pulled the plug on the phone... Harry just laughed. That may also be why driving with him was such a frightening experience... His mind was going in too many different directions. As soon as my brothers got driver's licenses, they ewre presseed into service driving for him. He drove me to Grand Central once. That was enough.

Cami Su