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Posted By: GUEST,Cain Monroe Bilbrey - Dunkirk, IN
08-May-12 - 08:38 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Horse called Napoleon
Subject: RE: Lyr Req/Add: Horse called Napoleon

As sung by Oron Monroe Holloway (1914-2000) Dunkirk, IN. Jay County
Most likely taught to him by his father Simon Monroe Holloway (1883-1974) Petroleum, IN. Wells County
Posted by Cain Monroe Bilbrey 1970-present (Oron's Grandson)and Tonya Brooke (Holloway) Johnson 1951-present (Oron's only daughter/Cain's mother)

I got a horse and I named him Napoleon,
all on account of his boney thighs.
He was sired by 'ole Hambletonian*,
and known by all when he did ride.

His sides were so thin you could see right thru them.
His hair was the finest, best of silk,
I drove him around with an old milk wagon,
when I wanted him to stop, I'd yell out "MILK!"

One day while I was in the city
along came a feller with a rig so neat,
Said: "C'mon Hey Rube*
let's race right down the street!"

So, away we went helter-skelter*,
I had a smile all over my face.
Sure as a sinner I was coming in a winner
when a cuss yelled:"MILK!" and I lost my race.

Took my girl on a board/boat excursion*
had a great time for which we paid
Peanuts, popcorn, cracker-jacks
rinsed it down with the pink lemonade.
Got on the train to go to the city.
Went in the smoking car and sat down.
Stuck my ticket in the brim of my hat,
And the gal' darned wind blew it out on the track.

Along came the conductor and said, "Give me your ticket
or I'll put you on the track."
I got ahead of that gal' darned critter.
I got a one way ticket and I'm not-a-going back!

*Hambletonian: was the name of a famous trotter race horse from NY state in the mid 1800's.
*Hey Rube: is a slang phrase most commonly used in the United States by circus and travelling carnival workers ("carnies"), with origins in the middle 19th century. It is a rallying call, or a cry for help, used by carnies in a fight with outsiders. It is also sometimes used to refer to such a fight: "The clown got a black eye in a hey Rube."
*Helter-Skelter: a poem by Jonathan Swift.
*Board Excursion: referring to the BOARDWALK.
*Boat Excursion: referring to a FERRY BOAT RIDE.