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Posted By: GUEST,Joerg
04-Nov-00 - 09:33 PM
Thread Name: I wish I hadn't done that now.
Subject: RE: I wish I hadn't done that now.
The last time I did statistics like this (about 25 years ago) I found that I knew about 60 songs 30 of which I could definitely perform (i.e. without any cheat sheet and all verses. You should know that I only perform by accident, so I only carry a set of picks and a capo with me, but of course no cheat sheets.)

Also things change: The way I did my songs then is very different from how I do them now. It has become more complicated and therefore more difficult to remember the first time. (The second time it's much easier, but the first time is always the only chance I get. :-) ) Once I only had to remember the key (I wasn't completely aware of the features of a capo then), some special details of the chords and the lyrics. But my requirements (to myself) have increased. I like some special bass progressions, the chords must be more complicated in order to not bore me, and woe to me if I put the capo at the wrong fret (there are irish songs in my repertoire now).

So today I 'know' many, many more songs than then. The number of those I can definitely perform completely and at once has become difficult to tell, because there are songs I can but just don't remember that I can. Maybe it's still 30 - at least I hope so.

I also hope you understand what I want to tell: Being able to compare statistics like these strongly requires a definition of what is meant with 'knowing' or 'being able to sing' a song.

But Matt - still - three are too few. Either learn more songs or don't be THAT strict to yourself (look at bert).