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05-Nov-00 - 10:04 AM
Thread Name: Help - violin or fiddle?
Subject: RE: Help - violin or fiddle?
Irish traditional (fiddle) is stuck in first position, which is fine for tunes in D, G, A. Em etc, which is all that the music ever requires (the music also accommodates pipes and whistles, which are even more restricted). Learning classical opens up massively more scope than needed for Irish traditional, but if more fiddlers learnt it, they wouldn't have to put capos on their mandolins (sacrilige!) to match someone singing in a remote key.

I'd say if someone is interested in traditional/bluegrass/oldtime, learn just that, and move on to classical if the urge is there. One of the most important, or at any rate helpful, factors in getting a youngster started, is finding one or two like-minded people among their peers.
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