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Posted By: Gutcher
17-May-12 - 06:07 AM
Thread Name: New website 150 stories of Scots songs
Subject: RE: New website 150 stories of Scots songs
Still have not found the specificate reference to Puin the Breckan in Paterson.

In the part where he discusses the settlement in Ulster in 1606 by Ayrshire men [and women] he tells of the encouragement given by Lady Montgomery in linen and woollen manufactory and that she states that this soon brought down the prices of the "breakens" and narrow cloths of both sorts.
In a footnote to the above he gives :---
Breacan--Gaelic--signifies a tartan plaid : or Breacanach, adj.tartan.
The Breakens of the "Montgomery Manuscripts" were therefore tartans :
and here we have an evidence of the fact that tartan dresses were the common attire of the people of Ayrshire at the beginning of the seventeenth century. The weavers of the breacanach were from Ayrshire.