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18-May-12 - 10:45 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads

In 1965 I was busy fighting one of the biggest floods of the Mississippi River, as well as going full time to college.

1968: Nation Guard unit activated and goes to Chu Lai, Vietnam in support of the 1st Logistics Corps. I end up in Korea.

1969: I'm in Korea serving with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 7th Infantry Division. As part of my duties I visit the DMZ several times and spend quite a bit of time "in the area." After we drove into a minefield I ground guided the truck back out in its own tracks -- to do this I had to get to the back of truck and out of it without my feet touching the ground. Another time I helped load some leaking body bags into an ambulance. There were other things. Came home, went back to college.

1970: Finished college, got discharged from the National Guard.

1971: Finished two semesters of graduate school and moved to outside Cleveland, OH.

1973: Got married.

1977: Finally finished graduate school and received an MS from Case Western Reserve University.

1978: Started on a second Master's at the University of Akron; did not finish it because they discontinued the program.

1984: Moved to South Bend, Indiana in February. Continued to work.

(I probably should mention that during this time I had been on an advisory board that set up international library borrowing links, among a bunch of other things.)

1991: Start a new position at the same place, running the computers among other things.

1997: Invited guest speaker at a meeting a Cambridge University, England.

2000: Moved to outside Cincinnati, OH.

2003: Moved to Pocatello, OH.

2010: Retired.

All I did was right some wrongs, remove some people, help people, drive Eiseley into grad school, and a bunch of stuff too technical for a stupid chimp to understand.

I should also point out that I am a dead shot with rifle, pistol, revolver, and shotgun. I've fired machine guns (sub- to Ol' Ma Deuce), mortars, recoilless rifles, and various such items. I've studied explosives and demolitions, thrown hand grenades, and in general made a nuisance of myself.

I've also been charged and cleared(when I was an MP, in 1968) with police brutality.

So, Chumpo...what have YOU done to help people?