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Posted By: JohnInKansas
20-May-12 - 08:55 AM
Thread Name: Instruments: plectrums/picks
Subject: RE: Tech: plectrums/picks
At our big annual festival there are quite a few groups that give away souvenir picks, and people work pretty hard to make sure they get at least a few certain ones every year.

The vast majority of the ones that get used at all end up as danglies on earrings, or in some cases where it fits in with the "collectors'" other hobbies, in display boxes, or being glued onto coffee mugs or some other such bit of "creatove artistry" or foppery.

It amazes me how many people feel "creative" when they've put together a kit that comes in a box, with parts that all snap together and can only be assembled one way, the same way that thousands of others put together the same kit; but I'm probably just warped from being old and grouchy. It seems they're a very popular hobby material(?).

If it makes them happy ....