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Posted By: Mooh
21-May-12 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: Obit: Rosie The Wonder Dog
Subject: Obit: Rosie The Wonder Dog
Some of you may remember Rosie The Wonder Dog. She sometimes contributed here by interrupting posts with her own opinion. She would stand on her hind legs and paw the keyboard, trying to get my attention. She long ago stopped being able to stand on her hind legs so her contributions stopped. A little arthritis, a little vision loss, a little hearing loss, but no loss of spirit, no loss of enthusiasm for life.

On Saturday she was as happy as can be, playing fetch with her best friend Cosmo The Other Dog and myself in the lake, rolling around in the sand, socializing with our guests, and generally being adorable.

On Sunday morning, yesterday, she exhibited every symptom of Bloat which is extremely painful and life threatening. She got worse during the emergency trip to the vet clinic where there was little they could do in time to save her life. She didn't have a chance.

Some of our family was there, she didn't die alone, and the last words she heard were I love you. We burried her with a stick to chase, on the family place, at the lake, where she loved to play the most.

She was a loving, kind, gentle, intelligent, and obedient dog, who let me believe I was her master. She taught me more about life than most people. We will always miss her.

If you have a dog today, read the link above about Bloat, you might be able to save a life. Either way, hug your dogs now, there's only one chance to be a good master.

Peace, Mooh.