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Posted By: Amos
29-May-12 - 12:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
IT's only three more yards, my friends,
To 44 and nine.
And if we play the defense right
The next K close behind.

If we can get a first and ten
By running past their end
Why yard, by yard, we'll get there, pard
That Big K at the end.

So hunker down and dig the play
And how we plan the ride.
And don't be fouling the defense team,
Or jumping in off-sides.

The forces ranged against us, pals
Are no ordinary foes.
They'll stomp and block and head you off
Whichever way you go.

They're fast and big, you can't deny
And solid as the night
And they'll do anything they can
To block the BS light.

They do not care for wit, aplomb
And cultural ideas,
They hate the very thought of Mom,
THey'd like to see her freeze.

They're serious and hard, these guys
With tough and gloomy souls
They hate to see the BS light
Come winking through the holes.

But holes they have! Their defense line
Is riddled with their flaws
And that means Mom can grab a win
From failure's sodden jaws!

And when the long pass is complete,
And the yards have all been run,
The crowds will shout and hail Our Mom,
When the next of Kay is done.

So Rapp go wide and Hawk stay tight
And Gnu, go out a way.
And Stilly snap her back on ten;
We're bound for the next of Kay!

Coach WInkleman Radislov
Faculty Emeritus
School of High BS