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Posted By: paddymac
06-Nov-00 - 10:49 PM
Thread Name: Proper Music?
Subject: RE: Proper Music?
There was a time when NPR was very, very heavily into "classical", to the near exclusion of most other forms. But as competition for tax dollars has increased and they have had to scramble for support in the market place, they have had to vastly broaden their offerings. At the moment, "talk radio", whether commercial or "public" seems to have the lion's share of the air time. You're not likely to find Rush Limbaugh or Howard Stern on NPR, however. NPR talk offerings tend to be more cerebral and substantive and less emotive and culturally culturally biased or prejudiced. There remains an element of "snobbery", seen mostly in the reliance on BBC fillers at night time (probably an economic issue here as well), and the faux Brit accents many of the "voices" have. I suspect each market is different to some degree, but the trend at present seems to be more on what is said rather than how it is said. Progress seems usually to come at a snail's pace.